It has been a very cold winter, but our only major snow of the season was with Thor storm, where we received about 7-8 inches.  I was beautiful afterwards as you can see from the pictures.   Advertisements

First leg of sewer run will be gravity 4″ pipe to E/One grinder unit, then low pressure pipe (1.25 inches) from E/One to sewer main on Buttonwood Rd.

Took these pics on Friday, October 24th, as it was a beautiful day.  

Cellulose insulation was used for the ceiling and walls.  This was blown in from a special truck using bales of cellulose.  In the walls, they added water, but essentially the same raw materials.  Drywall went up in 2 days, so now the walls are really looking like a house.  

See pictures below for culvert replacement as well as PECO gas line install.  Conduits were placed under concrete pipe for water line, sewer line, and gas line. Nice reference and link by our window company, Alpen HPP

Lots going on at the Kamp these days, but mostly on the inside.  Exterior is mostly complete.  Metal roofing is finally complete as well.  Rough ins should be complete by the end of the week so that insulation can start.